Customer Care

I can also provide services for the seasonal maintenance of your home. An example of some of these services are:

  • Bi-Monthly site inspections and report
  • Seasonal Heating  & Air Conditioning Systems – check and service as required
  • Plumbing Systems – check and service as required
  • Interior & Exterior Painting Services
  • Seasonal Irrigation system on & off


Construction methods, codes and products are constantly changing at a faster pace today than ever before.

Recent changes along with homeowner demands for energy conservation and green building have brought about substantial changes in the residential construction industry.  There are new regulations, building methods and energy saving products being introduced into the market at an incredible rate making it all that more important as a builder to stay informed.

Some of the products and techniques are time tested and others are not, in which case you may in fact be the case study! An example of this is in the insulation industry when, back during the “Oil Embargo” of the1970”s , we were instructed by the insulation manufacturers and local building codes to apply a poly vapor barrier to the interior side of all exterior walls and ceilings to act as the moisture barrier. This was disastrous and actually trapped moisture in the home which caused all kinds of indoor air quality issues and caused exterior window sills to rot.

Another example most of us “Baby Boomers” can relate to is in the use of pressure treated wood products. It turned out that it wasn’t the be all end all rot free product that it promised to be. Pressure treated wood was later found to be a health hazard and a corrosive to the fasteners used to put it together. Since then the chemicals used to impregnate it have changed. A  repeat of the Creosote era, yes? The point is that products and methods continue to change and therefore requires a constant vigil. Homeowners and Architects and Builders need to work together to help minimize some if not all of these pit falls.

During the process of building a new home or while undergoing a major renovation an enormous amount of moisture is introduced into the various components of the structure. As much as  40 quarts of water per day can come from building materials during the first year! This moisture added to the normal moisture produced in an occupied home on a daily basis can be problematic. The good news is that there are many new diagnostic tools available,  when in the hands of a certified operator can identify and help verify the application and effectiveness of materials and products and the installation. Some of these tests like the “Blower Door Test” are now part of the requirements, but there are is more that can be done.

For instance, I monitor and document the moisture content of structure and of the lumber and finishes being applied to ensure that they are being installed under appropriate conditions and industry standards which help dramatically to control the typical shrinkage cracks commonly found in new homes after having gone through the first four seasons.