Construction Management

To provide my clients with the assurance that they will receive the quality and performance that their design demands. Working closely with the owners I will coordinate all of the daily activities throughout the course of construction from start to finish. You will take comfort knowing that there will be constant quality control through every phase. I am constantly searching to identify and integrate “value engineering “ when ever possible. I assist my clients in maintaining cost control by keeping them up to date on the changes and decisions that effect the budgets. I pledge to direct the job using safety measures and programs that keep the job site safe and clean.

Additions / Remodeling

These projects are unique in many ways but most important because the house is occupied. This adds many other considerations and safety issues often not required in new home construction. This demands both practical and technical expertise, coupled with awareness and sensitivity. Health, safety & integrity are key to achieving customer satisfaction.

Maintenance Services

A house is the single largest investment most of us ever make. No matter how large or small the house is, it has complicated systems that require regular PREVENTIVE maintenance. We take our cars for service regularly, but tend to neglect our homes?

A house has many systems that communicate with each other to create the environment we live in. The plumbing, heating, HVAC and electrical systems should be checked and serviced regularly. If equipment is dirty, or out of adjustment, it can pose serious health risks, can cause fire, will pollute the environment and waste your money. The exterior is just as important and should be inspected for signs of water infiltration, insect infestation, rodents, and rot. Even overgrown vegetation or poor grading will lead to costly repairs.

Most people lack the knowledge, skill and equipment to perform a proper inspection. Many of the systems require a certified technician with specialized tools and equipment to perform these kinds of inspections.

I can customize periodic inspections for you to happen annually, bi-­‐annually or even quarterly. I would provide you with a written report and a prioritized action list. I will arrange to have the work you agree to have done, done timely and by professionals.

Non Invasive Infrared Imaging for Energy Conservation

Often sections of walls and ceilings have inadequate or no insulation. Hidden gaps and deteriorated weather sealing are frequently found where significant energy is being lost and water infiltration is occurring. Finding and fixing these spots will save money in costly repairs down the road and will reduce energy consumption.